How To Use Instamo Referral Campaign


How To Use Instamo Referral Campaign

By: Vic

ABOUT INSTAMO Instamo operates as a cross border payment marketplace that connects banks, businesses,financial institutions, non-banked entities, money transfer operators and individuals together to provide a faster, more affordable and transparent cross-border settlement solution for business and individuals around the world.

Instamo strictly follows complex regulations and compliance standards in different jurisdiction. Our open technology infrastructure can be used across multiple industries with innovative and open banking solutions including remittance, different types of payment collections and pay-out for merchants, partners, payroll, real estate financing, cross border investment

As a technology core, any businesses can run on top of Instamo for an open money interoperable system to leverage on fast growing networks of real time cross border payment.

Contents of Referral Campaign

1) Sign up via referral link 2) Offset transaction fee with Insta points 3) Invite a friend

Sign up via referral link

Get a Referral Link from your friend

The Referral code will automatically be shown on the screen, proceed to click ‘Yes'. Once you have signed up successfully, you will land in this page.

Refresh the page and you will have 25 Insta points added to your wallet. Open up the app with Instamo.

Offset transaction fee with Insta points

Input your transaction details and select “Add Promotion”.

Select the Gift Box

Select ‘Redeem Now’

Refresh the page and your rewards will be shown below

Select ‘use now’ and it will offset your transaction fee

How to invite your friend

Go to account & Check rewards

Select Invite friend and you can choose from the different mediums

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