How much can you save by using Instamo?


How much can you save by using Instamo?

By: Angel


1. In 2018, over 200 million migrant workers sent US$689 billion back home to remittance reliant countries

2 In 7 people in the world, are involved with online money transfer

3. One in nine people in the world benefit from International Money Transfer 

But have you wondered how much will the remittance fee be? 

Let’s take a look at an example: 

Arya wants to send $1000 from Singapore to Vietnam. 

In one year, you can save up to $480 by using Instamo. 

Instamo is a money transfer app which uses the most advance fin tech innovative solution to build a remittance marketplace with lowest transaction fee and also its near instant global payment. 

That’s not all, we also 

Provide you with zero-margin FX Rates, we get you a mid-market rate and charge a nominal fee

Have Loyalty points where you can earn them by each time you transfer and also by referring friends. You can then redeem these points and use it to offset your transaction fee

Our Fast Payment is sent to the different pay-out channels such as Cash pick up, delivery, mobile wallet transfer, bank transfer.

You will also receive real time update via mobile application and email.

About Instamo

Instamo operates as a cross border payment marketplace that connects banks, businesses, financial institutions, non-banked entities, money transfer operators and individuals together to provide a faster, more affordable and transparent cross-border settlement solution for businesses and individuals around the world. Instamo strictly follows complex regulations and compliance standards in different jurisdiction. Our open technology infrastructure can be used across multiple industries with innovative and open banking solutions including remittance, different types of payment collections and payout for merchants, partners, payroll, real estate financing, cross border investment. As a technology core, any businesses can run on top of Instamo for an open money interoperable system to leverage on fast growing networks of real time cross border payment

Instamo is proud to be one of the fastest, most convenient and economical direct payment application for overseas remittance. 

Free for download at the Google Play Store and App Store:

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