Instamo Open Banking Partner Program


Instamo Open Banking Partner Program

By: Sam

Benefits of being our Open Banking Partner

1. By utilising Instamo core technology, our partners can create their own business by using our technology to do cross border co-investing and co-running in different various projects such as real estate, SME funding, etc..

2. For the different types of businesses, any business owner, convenience stores owners, freelancers, entrepreneurs can leverage on our Instamo's real time cross border payment solution. This creates efficiency, transparency in settling the global payment. 3. To become a virtual money transfer partner and make up to 30% margin by leveraging on our real time international payment network, all you have to do is to simply refer customers to our platform via our QR code, in apps, sites, or your retail stores.

4. You can also earn an additional 1% to 7% of total project value from earned based project basis.

Note: Some projects may be up to tens of millions of dollars in real estate financing, SME M&A funding opportunities, cross border projects, etc. So..what are you waiting for! Join us today!

Step 1: Sign-Up as a new partner

Visit this link or simply scan our QR Code above to create an account with us.

Step 2: Use referral code to refer people on board with Instamo

Our team will reach out to you and provide you with a unique referral code where you can start to refer people.

Step 3: Full Access to our customer relationship portal 

You will be able to have full access our customer relationship management (CRM) portal and track their transactions and progress.

Step 4: Earn more profits with us 

By utilising our cross-border technology platform, you can now create your own co-investing business. All you have to do is to refer customers to our platform by scanning our unique referral code.

About Instamo

Instamo operates as a cross border payment marketplace that connects banks, businesses, financial institutions, non-banked entities, money transfer operators and individuals together to provide a faster, more affordable and transparent cross-border settlement solution for businesses and individuals around the world. Instamo strictly follows complex regulations and compliance standards in different jurisdiction. Our open technology infrastructure can be used across multiple industries with innovative and open banking solutions including remittance, different types of payment collections and payout for merchants, partners, payroll, real estate financing, cross border investment. As a technology core, any businesses can run on top of Instamo for an open money interoperable system to leverage on fast growing networks of real time cross border payment

Instamo is proud to be one of the fastest, most convenient and economical direct payment application for overseas remittance. 

Free for download at the Google Play Store and App Store:

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