Recognising Foreign Workers’ contribution to the economy


Recognising Foreign Workers’ contribution to the economy

By: Angel


  • 93% of migrant workers regularly sent remittances home (Immediate household needs, children’s education, paying off debt, savings, and supporting family members).

  • Migrant workers from the Asia-Pacific region sent US$256 billion home

  • A total of 320 million family members were supported by remittances

  • Money Remittance contributes 60% to a receiving household’s income

But have you wondered how much will the remittance fee be? 

According to United Nations Capital Development Fund, the average cost to send money from to Viet Nam ranges from 3% - 20 %, depending on the Money transfer provider used. 

Here at Instamo, we want your hard - earned money to reach your family as much as you do. That is why we offer you the best money transfer service where you are able to do international Money Transfer. We are open 24/7 and we offer fast remit. 

We run operations across 30 countries with Zero-Margin Fx Rates and no hidden cost. Well, the cherry on the cake is our fast and efficient same day transfer. 

With our low-transaction fee, you can now transfer with a smile on your face in 3 east steps: 

  1. Registration 

  2. Add receiver’s particulars 

  3. Make a transfer 

About Instamo

Instamo operates as a cross border payment marketplace that connects banks, businesses, financial institutions, non-banked entities, money transfer operators and individuals together to provide a faster, more affordable and transparent cross-border settlement solution for businesses and individuals around the world. Instamo strictly follows complex regulations and compliance standards in different jurisdiction. Our open technology infrastructure can be used across multiple industries with innovative and open banking solutions including remittance, different types of payment collections and payout for merchants, partners, payroll, real estate financing, cross border investment. As a technology core, any businesses can run on top of Instamo for an open money interoperable system to leverage on fast growing networks of real time cross border payment

Instamo is proud to be one of the fastest, most convenient and economical direct payment application for overseas remittance. 

Free for download at the Google Play Store and App Store:

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