Sending Funds Out Of Singapore With Instamo Documents That You Require


Sending Funds Out Of Singapore With Instamo Documents That You Require

By: Quek Jun Qiang


Table of Contents

Business / Travel Purposes    3

Documents required    3

Sample Documents    3

Overseas Medical Fees    4

Documents required    4

Sample Documents    5

Salary or Wages    10

Documents required    10

Sample Documents    10

Payment for Foreign Travel Agencies    13

Documents required    13

Sample Documents    13

Fees in General    15

Documents required    15

Sample Documents    15

Pension for Relatives    18

Documents required    18

Sample Documents    18

Service Contract Payment    20

Documents required    20

Sample Documents    20

Immigration    23

Documents required    23

Sample Documents    23

Inheritance    27

Documents required    27

Sample documents    27

Fee Payment before having Foreign Investment Cert    30

Documents required    30

Sample documents    30

Business / Travel Purposes 

Documents required

  1. Remittance Advice (Includes notice of expenses/ Decision of sending a business trip of the agency / Invitation of the foreign agency / Letter of registration for attending seminars and conferences of the working agency)

Sample Documents

Document 1 : Remittance Advice

Overseas Medical Fees

Documents required

  1. Certification of Medical Examination or Treatment Summary (Proof of medical treatment)

  2. Hospital Bill 

  3. Proof of relative relationship between sender and patient

  4. Patient Passport

  5. Authorisation Letter to make payment on behalf of patient (Optional but good to have) 

Sample Documents

Document 1: Completed Medical Examination

Document 2 : Hospital Bill

Document 3: Proof of Relationship between sender and patient

Document 4: Patient Passport

Document 5: Authorisation Letter to make payment on behalf of patient

Salary or Wages

Documents required

  1. Proof of fund origins (Bank account statement, property sale contract)

  2. Work Permit

  3. Labour Contract

Sample Documents

Document 1: Bank Account Statement

Document 2: Work Permit of receipient

Document 3: Labour Contract

Payment for Foreign Travel Agencies

Documents required

  1. Travel Contract

  2. Notice of cost / Invoice

Sample Documents

Document 1: Travel Contract

Document 2: Travel Invoice Fees in General

Documents required

  1. Identification of payer

  2. Notice of Cost 

  3. Proof of relationship between sender and recipient 

Sample Documents

Document 1: Identification of payer

Document 2: Invoice (Notice of Cost)

Document 3: Family Book (Proof of Relationship)

Pension for Relatives

Documents required

  1. Document proving beneficiaries staying abroad

  2. Proof of relationship between sender and recipient

Sample Documents

Document 1: Utility Bill (Proof of beneficiary living abroad) 

Document 2: Family Book (Proof of relationship)

Service Contract Payment

Documents required

  1. Remittance Advice 

  2. Service Contract of equivalent documents

  3. Commitment to fulfil tax obligations (Tax Returns)

Sample Documents

Document 1: Invoice of Service purchase (Remittance Advice)

Document 2: Service Contract

Document 3: Tax Returns


Documents required

  1. Documents proving origin of money (Bank Account Statements, Property sale contract)

  2. Settlement Visa

  3. Passport of Sender

  4. Family Registration Book

Sample Documents

Document 1: Bank Account Statement (Documents proving origin of money)

Document 2: Immigrant’s Visa

Document 3: Passport Details

Document 4: Family Registration Book


Documents required

  1. Document of competent authority on inheritance of assets (Will)

  2. Documents proving beneficiary in foreign country (Utility bills)

  3. Authorization document (Power of Attorney)

Sample documents

Document 1: Will (Competent Authority on asset inheritance)

Document 2: Utility Bills (Proof of beneficiary living abroad)

Document 3: Power of Attorney (Authorization document) Fee Payment before having Foreign Investment Cert

Documents required

  1. Contract (Fact Sheet)

  2. Cost Estimate Document (Equity Investment Amount)

  3. Commitment of the customer (Bank Statement, Property Sale Contract)

  4. Remittance Advice (If you have)

Sample documents

Document 1: Fact Sheet (Contract)

Document 2: Equity Investment Amount (Cost Estimate Document)

Document 3: Bank Account Statement (Commitment of the customer)

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