Instamo: Who We Are, What We Do & Why We Do It


Instamo: Who We Are, What We Do & Why We Do It

By: Quek Jun Qiang Samuel

Instamo started off as just a dream of building a decentralised financial world, but now we have grown to become an innovative fintech start-up in Vietnam. Today, we are a fintech and overseas remittance company that provide a wide range of financial services to more than 3.21 billion people over a span of 30 different countries.

During the 2019 Fintech Summit organized by the Ministry of Science and Tech last September, Instamo clinched champion for its fastest, most convenient and economical direct payment application.

Through this award, we were able to showcase our innovative fintech solutions, boost legitimacy in what we do as well as forge stronger financial inclusions and win-win partnerships between new types of banks.

What we do

Our Services

We offer many different kinds of fintech solutions which includes but not limited to:

1)    Overseas Remittances

2)    Overseas Investments

3)   Peer-to-Peer Lending

4)   SME Lending

5)   Real Estate Financing

6)   Crowdfunding Opportunities

Here at Instamo, our goals are mainly trying to solve the age-old problem of cross border transactions and try to make it as accessible to anyone. We also serve as a marketplace to connect project owners with investors and facilitate the entire payment and operation process. Take for example, if there are potential real estate investment opportunities like condominiums, residential or industrial, we source for investors who may be interested and through our platform, link the two parties together and allow cross border funding to occur.

We ALWAYS ensure that our systems are transparent, fair and ties in to the principles of what we are building on. These services are a one stop virtual banking solution with just a few clicks away on our platform.

More importantly, we are not just offering services. We are actually a community and have always had a keen interest in expanding our reach by forming more strategic partnerships with not just financial institutions but also with businesses, non-bank entities and individuals.

Our Partnerships

This is why we now have our open banking partnership program, where we allow anyone to come aboard with us and be our partner. By simply promoting our text links, banners and discount codes, our partners share our profits for leads and transactions generated.

Being our partner gives you priority and first-hand information to our wide range of resources. Joining our community gives you perks of being able to co-invest in money making projects and overseas investment deposit projects. You get the chance to network with people of similar interests and mindsets from across the world in wide-ranging professions.

As a bonus, we want to further value add by allowing our partners to profit:

1)   Earn up to 30% of our profit margins per transaction

2)   Earn by project basis: Additional 1% - 7% of total project value

Why do we do what we do?

There are two main reasons behind our inspirations behind Instamo:

1)   We want to achieve financial inclusion for everyone

In today’s era, the rapid advancements in technology also means that those who cannot catch up with societal improvements get left behind. In the financial world, these are the unbanked and poor people. Without proper financial knowledge or access to a bank account, these people struggle to manage their finances and may sometimes find it a chore if they have to remit money back home overseas.

That is why we are here to ensure that no one gets left behind and provide the necessary financial knowledge. We simplify our app interfaces and ensure that anyone with basic knowledge of technology are able to understand and use our features. We even make it a point to promise our users to only offer the most competitive rates, same day transfers as well as transparent transaction fees.

2)   We want to make all financial services simple, fast and safe

Ask any foreign worker how they would usually remit money overseas and you will not be surprised to find that there are only two common answers – through banks or money transfer companies. While there is nothing wrong with such platforms, these methods are usually a hassle or can be really inefficient.

At banks, numerous forms and documents needs to be produced before a transaction can even take place. Not just that, unknown to many innocent foreign workers, there are often hidden costs involved and the FX rates offered by banks are usually poor and non-competitive. Ultimately, in the process of making their transaction, the banks have had already took a huge cut off their hard-earned money.

At money transfer companies, despite offering much better FX rates, they do not assure same day transfer most of the time. In addition, foreign workers would often have to queue in long lines, often burning away a lot of their free time during their off days, just so they can transfer money back home.

Here at Instamo, our motto is to make all our transactions and services offered simple, fast and safe. Using our app platform, one can make transfers anytime and anywhere with an ease of mind knowing that their secure transactions will be received by the end of the day.

In Conclusion,

At Instamo, we understand how remittances impacts the economy and how it plays a significant role in the financial industry. With our prowess in advanced technology, we build on our strengths to revolutionise how money is handled around the world, making it simple and available for all users. In addition, we co-exist and co-operate with all traditional and new fintech companies.

What we do is innovative, disruptive but NEW. Needless to say, there is going to be a lot of hard work and effort involved in terms of fund raisings, legal framework to educate regulators, government, VC, angel investors and customers.

Yes, we may have a huge dream but we stay on the ground every day to make simple things coming true. Here at Instamo, we believe the future is now and we are always excited for what lies ahead.




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