Why immigrants choose to leave their home country to work?


Why immigrants choose to leave their home country to work?

By: Sam


In 2005, a report from the United Nations states that there were nearly 191 million international immigrants worldwide, accounting for almost 3% of the world population. As compared to 1990, the world has witnessed a great increase in the number of immigrants by about 26 million. It is further predicted that immigration rates will continue to increase over time. A survey done in 2012 by Gallup discovers nearly 640 million adults would want to immigrate if they had the chance to.

Factors that causes workers to leave their home country

  • ‘Push’ Factors are the reasons why people leave a place

  • ‘Pull’ Factors are the reasons why people are attracted to new places

Costs involved when immigrating

It is branched into two main concerns:

  1. Financial costs involved 

Migrant workers typically pay agent or recruitment fees that range from S$3,000 up to S$15,000 to get a job in Singapore. For some, this sum may be figure too large and may end up liquidating their own assets, potentially at substantial losses just so they can raise funds to move abroad.

  1. Ability to assimilate into host country

Entering a new country means that workers have to adapt to the sudden changes in environment. And it is not just that, immigrants have to set aside with cultural differences, get used to different cuisines, possibly speak a different language and most importantly adapt to working in a completely new environment


It is no doubt that immigrations provide immigrants with more growth opportunities and fresh start on life. Here at Instamo, we understand how hard it can be to make a living abroad. We want to make sure money transfers are made easier and smoother for everyone. This is why it is our top priority to help foreign workers ensure that as much of hard - earned money made is able to reach their families back home. At Instamo, we are proud to be one of the fastest, most convenient and economical direct payment application for overseas remittance. 

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